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From Chief of Staff to COO with Ashley Burgio, COO @ DayTwo

On finding the mess, raising your hand for more opportunities, and why managing up is the #1 skill to learn as a Chief of Staff


Welcome to the Chiefly podcast!

Today’s guest is Ashley Burgio, COO and former Chief of Staff at DayTwo, a Series B startup offering a sustainable path to remission for metabolic disease using gut microbiome sequencing, artificial intelligence, and virtual care.

In this episode, Ashley and I discuss:

  • Why networking is so important

  • The challenges with going from Chief of Staff to COO

  • What one board member said to Ashley about managing up

  • Why Chiefs of Staff need to be comfortable with proving themselves

Check out the episode here!

Show Notes

01:13 — How Ashley discovered the Chief of Staff role

04:29 — Why working at an early-stage startup was appealing

05:40 — What it was like being a first-time Chief of Staff

07:12 — Co-defining the role with her CEO

08:39 — Ashley’s transition from Chief of Staff to COO

12:41 — The differences between a Chief of Staff and COO

15:46 — Why managing up is the #1 skill to learn as a Chief of Staff

17:10 — Ashley’s career pathing

19:16 — Why early stage companies are the best opportunities for career growth

19:40 — When you should stick it out as a Chief of Staff

21:29 — Advice for breaking into the Chief of Staff role

22:29 — One parting thought about the role

Key takeaways:

  • You might need to co-define the CoS role with your CEO.

  • Look for the messes and raise your hand for the hard things.

  • Being Chief of Staff first gives you a ton of institutional knowledge that sets you up for leadership roles like COO.

  • Finding a company and leader that supports experimentation and growth is important.


The Dip by Seth Godin

More about Ashley:

More about Zaharo:


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