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Evolving as a Chief of Staff with Holly Grant, former COO @ LTSE

On relationship building, unpaid work trials, and transitioning from Chief of Staff to COO


Welcome to the Chiefly podcast!

Today’s guest is Holly Grant, former COO at Long Term Stock Exchange. LTSE is an innovative business ecosystem empowering visionary companies at all stages to drive long-term profit and purpose.

In this episode, Holly and I discuss:

  • How long-term relationships were integral to her career journey

  • Why work trials are beneficial for candidates and not just employers

  • The biggest shifts she experienced going from Chief of Staff to COO

  • How our mental health and money are intertwined

Check out the episode here!

Show Notes

01:11 — How Holly discovered entrepreneurship

05:01 — How she came across the Chief of Staff role at LTSE

09:55 — What the LTSE work trial was like for the Chief of Staff role

12:38 — The benefit of a work trial

13:44 — The importance of chemistry match between Principal and Chief of Staff

14:28 — What it was like as a Chief of Staff in hardcore build mode

18:44 — What Eric Ries did to set up Holly for success as his Chief of Staff

23:36 — The kind of Chief of Staff she was and how things shifted when she became COO

26:42 — Her transition to The Space Between

29:44 — What’s next for Holly

30:55 — Why we need a new phrase for “net worth”

31:56 — The series of writings that Holly is preparing to share with the world

34:44 — Holly’s advice to aspiring or current Chiefs of Staff


More about Holly:

More about Zaharo:


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