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Chief Operating Officer (COO) vs Chief of Staff at HoldCo vs Consultant

Primary Role:

Chief Operating Officer (COO): Manages day-to-day operations of the company

Chief of Staff at HoldCo: Strategic and operational advisor, focusing on portfolio management

Consultant: Provides expert advice and solutions in a specific domain

Reporting Relationship:

Chief Operating Officer (COO): Typically reports to CEO or President

Chief of Staff at HoldCo: Reports to HoldCo executive, possibly CEO or board

Consultant: Typically reports to a project manager or client lead

Scope of Responsibilities:

Chief Operating Officer (COO): Oversees all operational activities (finance, HR, etc.)

Chief of Staff at HoldCo: Overseeing operations and strategy across the portfolio of companies

Consultant: Focuses on analyzing, advising, and strategizing for clients

Decision-Making Authority:

Chief Operating Officer (COO): Significant authority over operations

Chief of Staff at HoldCo: Considerable, influencing decisions across the portfolio

Consultant: High-level decision-making in their area of expertise

Strategic Planning:

Chief Operating Officer (COO): Involved in the strategic planning process and responsible for implementing the strategy at an operational level

Chief of Staff at HoldCo: Involved in strategic planning for the holding company and its entities

Consultant: Integral in developing strategies and solutions for clients

Team Management:

Chief Operating Officer (COO): Manages multiple teams or departments across the organization

Chief of Staff at HoldCo: Coordinates across various management teams within the portfolio

Consultant: Often works independently or collaborates with client teams

Meeting Involvement:

Chief Operating Officer (COO): Often leads meetings related to operations and strategy implementation

Chief of Staff at HoldCo: Involved in high-level meetings, providing insights and alignment

Consultant: Participates in client meetings to provide insights and advice

Project Management:

Chief Operating Officer (COO): Oversees large-scale projects that affect multiple areas of the company

Chief of Staff at HoldCo: Oversees projects that affect multiple companies within the portfolio

Consultant: May manage or oversee specific initiatives or projects for clients


Chief Operating Officer (COO): Responsible for communicating decisions and strategies to the teams they manage and the broader organization

Chief of Staff at HoldCo: Facilitates communication across the portfolio and with external stakeholders

Consultant: Communicates effectively with clients and stakeholders

Professional Development:

Chief Operating Officer (COO): Focuses on the professional development of the teams they manage

Chief of Staff at HoldCo: Develops expertise in portfolio management and strategic oversight

Consultant: Continuously develops expertise and knowledge in their field

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