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4 new Chief of Staff searches @ Right Hand! (plus 3 new Chief of Staff jobs)

Hello, and welcome to the Right Hand Talent newsletter! I’m Zaharo, and I write about all things Chief of Staff, talent, and career excellence.

Every ~week, you’ll get 3 new CoS jobs that are on my radar, reqs we’re working on, my thoughts on growing in the CoS role and as a professional, top stories I’m following on X, and more.

  1. We see the world not as it is, but as we are.

  2. If you agree with (1), then every tough moment is a growth opportunity.

  3. Yanni is literally the best musician/composer and I will die on this hill!

After a brief hiatus from writing over the past month, we 👏 are 👏 back 👏 to our regularly scheduled programming.

We’ve been heads down on a ton of searches, and this issue is featuring 4 new ones that we opened up over the past few weeks.

Without further ado! ⬇️ (and check out our job board link at the bottom of this section for our full list of opportunities).

Chief of Staff @ Series D Climate Tech Startup

Our client is a pioneering company dedicated to reducing carbon emissions by developing innovative reactors that use light, not heat, to transform chemical manufacturing processes. This breakthrough aims to enhance energy efficiency and contribute to a more sustainable and secure future.

Job Summary:

The purpose of the Chief of Staff position is to support the CEO and the broader organization in a wide variety of critical activities. We look for “best athlete” candidates who can function at a high level with broad authority and who have the potential to continue into other senior leadership roles in the company.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Lead discrete projects: Execute important : that are directed from the CEO or self-nominated, especially ones that do not have a clear owner.

  • Ensure company effectiveness: Oversee communications and decision-making across the company, especially among the Executive Leadership Team. Lead activities supporting goal-setting and execution (e.g. leadership team meetings, annual and quarterly OKR process).

  • Support the CEO: Support any activities that enable the CEO to be effective. Prepare for board meetings and other critical events. Oversee the administrative staff. Review and support CEO’s strategic engagement and travel plans.

Qualifications and Experience:

  • Bachelor’s Degree and at least 6 years of work experience.

Preferred but not Required:

  • Background in a directly relevant industry: Chemical production, oil and gas, climate technology.

  • Master’s Degree: Ideally in a relevant business or technical discipline (e.g. MBA, Master in Chemical Engineering).

  • People-leadership experience: Both new and seasoned leaders are encouraged to apply.


  • Have a strong, diverse skillset: understand and ideally have experience in a combination of the following: finance, sales, technology development, deployment of industrial equipment, chemical operations, team and organizational leadership, strategy development and execution.

  • Be a self-starter: Must actively seek, identify, and solve problems, especially ones that don’t have a clear owner.

  • Be able to work with and lead a wide variety of people: The position operates in many environments of formal & informal authority, potentially at every level of the company.

  • Be flexible and resilient: We work in a “hard to decarbonize” industry that is critical to humanity’s Net Zero future. Candidates must show the grit to succeed.

  • Display the company values: Safety, Ambition, Communication, Compassion, Integrity, and Learning.


  • Competitive Salary

  • Comprehensive Benefits (medical, dental, vision, life, and disability coverage)

  • Career growth opportunities

  • Friendly work environment

📍This role is hybrid in Houston, TX.

»Apply here

Chief of Staff @ Series A FinTech Startup

Our client is a dynamic and fast-paced organization led by a CEO who values trust, loyalty, and street-smart problem-solving. Their mission is to drive growth and innovation in the Fintech and Lending sectors, and they are looking for a highly skilled and motivated Chief of Staff to join their executive team.

Job Description:

The Chief of Staff (CoS) will play a critical role in supporting the CEO across all aspects of the business. This is the opportunity of a lifetime, offering mentorship from top executives, exposure to the inner workings of the industry, and the chance to own and drive business results. The CoS will be surrounded by brilliant and collegial people, ensuring there is never a dull moment.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Act as a trusted advisor and confidant to the CEO, managing the flow of information and communication across the executive team.

  • Perform triage on issues and tasks, prioritizing and solving problems quickly and effectively.

  • Assist in the development and execution of strategic initiatives, ensuring alignment with the company’s goals and objectives.

  • Oversee special projects and initiatives, providing leadership and guidance to cross-functional teams.

  • Prepare and review reports, presentations, and other documents for the CEO.

  • Manage the CEO’s schedule, ensuring efficient use of time and prioritizing critical tasks and meetings.

  • Foster strong relationships with internal and external stakeholders, acting as a liaison between the CEO and other parties.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Finance, or a related field.

  • Proven experience in a similar role, preferably within a fast-paced and dynamic environment.

  • Strong problem-solving skills, with the ability to think quickly and act decisively.

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to build trust and rapport with a wide range of stakeholders.

  • Highly organized and detail-oriented, with the ability to manage multiple priorities and deadlines.

  • Street-smart with a high level of emotional intelligence and situational awareness.

  • Demonstrated ability to work independently and as part of a team, with a proactive and self-motivated approach.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Advanced degree in Business Administration or Finance.

  • Experience working closely with C-suite executives.

  • Background in financial services is a plus.

Why Join Us:

  • Opportunity to work directly with the CEO and gain exposure to all facets of the business.

  • A collaborative and innovative work environment that values and rewards creativity and initiative.

  • Competitive salary and benefits package.

📍This role is hybrid in San Francisco.

»Apply here

Chief of Staff @ Series E Cybersecurity Startup

The Head of Strategic Initiatives and Chief of Staff is an exceptionally talented individual who serves as a trusted advisor and confidant to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

The ideal candidate thrives at the intersection of operations and strategy. This individual will work across functions, industries and geographies, launching new programs and helping build strategic plans and operational rigor across the company. Continuous improvement is important, so it is not enough to get the job done.

Beyond delivering, it is important to look for ways to make the organization stronger and ensure that clients are even better served.

This is a unique opportunity to see every aspect of a fast-growing unicorn at the CEO level. 

Key Responsibilities:

  • Working with the CEO to message and maintain strategic alignment across the organization

  • Incubate new initiatives to drive growth

  • Organize agendas for executive staff meetings, monthly business reviews, and planning sessions, attend meetings and drive agenda and follow up on action items

  • Prepare materials for Board of Director and Company All Hands meetings

  • Project manage new, key specific initiatives that otherwise lack an owner; transitioning projects to other members of the management team where applicable

Ideal Candidates:

  • 3+ years of consulting and/or corporate strategy experience and 3+ years of operating experience, ideally running a team within Operations, Product or Business Development or some combination thereof

  • Strategic mindset, but doesn’t hesitate to roll up their sleeves to deliver results, with extreme ownership mentality

  • Self starter - demonstrated ability to get things done from ideation to implementation with minimal input

  • Ability to successfully manage multiple projects simultaneously

  • Ability to effectively influence and work with senior and executive level leadership

What They Offer:

💰 Base salary: $230-280k

⚕️ Health, dental, and vision insurance

📅 4-day work week

🧘‍♀️ On-demand therapy

👪 Parental leave + reproductive care

📍This role is hybrid in San Francisco

»Apply here

Chief of Staff @ Computing Startup

Our client is a high performance computing company with a keen focus on building future-proof data centers for cryptocurrency mining and AI applications.

About the job:

Our client is on the lookout for a dynamic Chief of Staff to join their executive team and serve as the right hand to the Chief Operating Officer (COO). This role is a unique opportunity for a highly motivated individual to immerse themselves in the heart of a young and fast-paced tech startup. The Chief of Staff will be a central figure in managing and scaling our operations, offering a hands-on experience in developing business strategy and overseeing a wide array of critical projects. If you are eager to learn, ready to tackle complex challenges, and have a passion for operational excellence, this position will place you at the nexus of our client's day-to-day and strategic initiatives.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Operational Support: Provide direct support to the COO in managing daily operations, ensuring smooth and efficient functioning of all business activities. Act as a force multiplier, stepping in to resolve issues, facilitate decisions, and implement processes that help scale the organization.

  • Strategic Planning: Assist in developing and refining the company's strategy, participating in high-level discussions and translating strategic goals into actionable plans. Prepare research, analysis, and insights to support the COO in making informed decisions that align with the company's growth objectives.

  • Project Management: Oversee and drive key projects and initiatives to ensure alignment and successful execution. Maintain a birds-eye view of all moving parts within the company, identifying opportunities for improvement and addressing bottlenecks.

Ideal Candidates:

  • Educational Background: Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, Economics, Finance, Technology, or a related field is preferred.

  • Industry Knowledge: Demonstrated interest in and/or experience with cryptocurrency and data center industries. Familiarity with the operational, technical, and financial aspects of these sectors is highly desirable.

  • Professional Experience: Previous experience in Management Consulting or Investment Banking is preferred. Candidates should possess a track record of high performance in fast-paced, intellectually demanding roles.

  • Analytical Skills: Exceptional analytical and quantitative skills, with the ability to create financial models, perform market analyses, and interpret complex data to inform strategic decisions.

What They Offer:

💰 Base salary: $100-135k

📍This role is hybrid in Miami

»Apply here

Coaching & Mentorship

I’ve been asked to mentor or coach existing Chiefs of Staff or newly hired ones, but I’ve only offered that service pro bono to my clients as part of our engagement with them.

Given demand, I’m open to trialing paid coaching relationships but only in ways that energize me and that I could get excited about, because that’s how I’ll bring my whole, “best” self to what I’m doing.

I realize that I could also help more people by building a community (e.g. Whatsapp, Slack group, other), but I’m more interested in deeper 1:1 relationships right now. If/when I do, it will be very intentional and very likely be a blend of aspiring + current Chiefs of Staff who aren’t just interested in growing professionally, but are committed to exploring what it means to “do the work” and “walk The Path” toward deeper self-discovery 🙏

But bringing it back to coaching and mentorship, I’m making space for the following:

  • 1 x 1-hour call/month

  • Daily access to me via phone, text, email, smoke signal, carrier pigeon, etc. : )

Why this might be interesting to you:

  1. It lets both of us be more “in flow”. I’m way more interested in impromptu unscheduled time together where we can talk through hair-on-fire issues or near-term needs vs waiting for a weekly or monthly call to do it. It’s also more aligned with startup pace — one week is like an eternity so it doesn’t make sense to wait to chat about something. It makes sure you actually have the support when you need it.

  2. You’ll get a lot more than 1 hour of interacting with me per month. So more value than just the time scheduled on the calendar, which is a poor measure of value in itself anyway. There will be many more touch points and opportunities to jam, so we’ll both quickly know whether it’s a good match or not = no wasted time or money.

Why this might not be interesting to you:

  • Being successful in the Chief of Staff role isn’t about knowing all the productivity hacks or the top 10 ways to interview someone — it’s about knowing yourself really well so that you can better understand, work with, influence, and lead others. So I’m looking to be aligned with Chiefs of Staff and founders who are on board with this belief (it won’t be everyone).

  • I’m offering this at $1000/month and expect that a coaching engagement will involve an L&D expense conversation with your Principal’s sign-off.

If you’re a candidate looking to get placed as a Chief of Staff with Right Hand, just submit this application.

If you’re hiring a Chief of Staff and need help accelerating your search with Right Hand, I’d love to talk. Just respond to this email!

Where else you can find me: X and LinkedIn, where I post daily on all things Chief of Staff, personal growth, and consciousness.

Until next time, Right Hand fam! 👋

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