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Our clients say it best
Celebrating a perfect NPS of 10

From search kick-off to ideal candidate in just 4 days

Zaharo's role as a recruiter surpassed our expectations, as she became a true partner in the quest for the perfect candidate. Right from the beginning, she demonstrated her thoroughness and attention to detail through her comprehensive onboarding questions, ensuring a complete understanding of the company's needs.
Her communication throughout the sourcing and recruitment process was outstanding, guaranteeing that only the most competent and qualified candidates were presented. Even after the hiring decision was made, Zaharo continued to provide additional guidance and is there as a resource for our company and new CoS to ensure a smooth and seamless onboarding process.
Her process is top-notch, and her willingness to assist at every stage, from the initial call to post-hire resources, was exceptional. We will undoubtedly use Zaharo's services again and wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone searching for a quality CoS.

Anthony Sacchetillo, Founder & CEO

First Choice Credit Management

Right Hand candidates secured all 3 finalist spots

In addition to a great partnership, Zaharo sourced an extremely strong pool of candidates. We will work with Zaharo again!

Jonathan Zeidan, CEO

Axcel Learning

Zaharo performed like a seasoned search executive who had been doing this for decades. She was professional, attentive, responsive, communicative and did a great job with the candidates and client. Her instincts and judgment were excellent.


Zaharo was engaged right from the beginning. She started our search by asking great questions to truly understand the profile we were looking for and how the chief of staff would fit into our org. She delivered qualified candidates quickly and made the process feel effortless.


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